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Moore, Amanda  MD
Zone:                      Central Zone
Removed-Withdrew from Postgraduate Training 
as of 02 Mar 2022

Moore, Eamonn Anthony  
Specialty:                Psychiatry
Medical Record Location:
Not Available
Moore, Irene M.  MD
Previous Name:       TYMOSIAK, Irene Monika
Phone:                    902 538 3111
Practice Location:     Berwick
Zone:                      Western Zone
as of 01 Jan 2023

Medical Record Location:
The College is not the custodian of the records but have information that will direct you on how to make a records request to the physician or current custodian. Please contact our Public Support Advisor at or 9024212201.
Moore, Jonathan P.  MD
Specialty:                Urology
Phone:                    902 434 1500
Practice Location:     Dartmouth
Zone:                      Central Zone
Moore, Kieran J.  MD
Zone:                      Central Zone
Moore, Marcus A.  MD
Specialty:                Family Medicine
Zone:                      Central Zone

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